Long Form Article: Are Markets Ready to Crash?

After any sustained period of gains in markets, talk often cycles towards market tops and potentially, the “C” word. From 2022 lows, to its highs in March 2024, the S&P has gained over 50%, a considerable gain for any index over a relatively short period.  Given that, what can we look forward to in the months ahead?  The first thing I wanted to look at was the level of ‘chatter’ around the term “Market Crash” in search engine results.  Searches like these are often counterintuitive, when everyone thinks markets are crashing, the worst is often behind it. For example, when we look at the Google search results for “Market Crash” over the last five years, there was a big spike for the search term in March 2020, but since then, very little.   And what happened to the market when the spike occurred? No surprise to know it appeared in the month when markets marked a bottom. And we haven’t looked back since.  So, while there may be an inclination towards a market turn , we are not seein


If, like me, you are not flush with cash to trade, I keep a Roth IRA which I use to snail-trade to wealth.  This account uses a small amount of cash allocated monthly from salary - along with blog income from Google Adsense - to invest gradually in dividend income stocks.  The reality is most people I have met through the years don't have the level of capital to trade successfully and would be better off using tax-efficient accounts, such as a Roth IRA, to accumulate wealth.  Invest4Success  is a Stocktwits Premium room that tracks the monthly investments I make into my Roth IRA. It's a back-to-basics approach that uses well-established names, a buy-and-hold strategy, and dividend re-investment to build value.  Eventually, I will use covered calls to generate additional income, but this is probably a year away.  If you are interested, it costs $249 a year, but you can get a 50% discount ($125/year) and a 14-day free trial with coupon code  fallondpicks. What is Invest4Success?

Trading Books to Read

General Investment: Start with “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”; paperback runs under $20 but the Kindle edition is selling for less than $2! It was first published in 1923 but it’s a good introduction to market psychology has a good newspaper for stock ideas (excluding the Editorials) which is supported by two books, “How to Make Money in Stocks” and “Become a Successful Investor”. The books run for under $20 on Kindle and are available here: . If you want hard copies, then “Become a Successful Investor” should be bought first: , then “How to Make Money in Stocks”: .   These books give a good introduction to the CANSLIM method, mixing fundamental and technical ideas and each book can be found for around $15 each, so they won’t break the bank. Technical Analysis I’m a big fan of John Murphy’s clear and concise writing. His book, “Technical Analysis of Fina

Who Am I?

Qualified with a B.A. (Mod) Natural Sciences II-I; Zoology - Parasitology, Ph.D. Nematology.  Currently employed as a Dashboard Solutions Specialist, UI and UX Developer, Dashboard client solutions, training and documentation for Kx Systems .    Seventeen-year experience as a Market Technician across financial markets; completed all three examinations towards CMT designation (final sponsorship required).  Financial Blogger ; featured on Forbes Best-of-Web & Top-20 Blogger by and Blog published daily, and receives a total of 11,000 Visits (15,000 Pageviews) from 5,000 Traders every month.  @fallondpicks is Stocktwits Recommended ; followed by 57,000 Traders with an additional 1,900 followers on Twitter.  Former contributor to the Motley Fool . Current contributor to Seeking Alpha .  Qualified Zoologist / Parasitologist / Nematologist . Research in sustainable methods for control of plant-parasitic nematodes and invasive insect species using an

Trading on eToro Review

I have been trading with eToro for the last 3 years and have found eToro to be great way to scratch the trading itch without having to risk large amounts of capital - thanks to its finely-tuned trade ticket.  Details on how best to get the most out of eToro trade ticket I have outlined below.  At the end of this article I have included a list of (low-key) performers on eToro you should consider following or copying. You can start by registering with eToro. I recommend starting with the minimum deposit of $200 and using the 1% risk rule of available capital;  this means if your starting capital is $200, then your first trade will risk $2. So in risking $2, what is the initial position size to use? The eToro Trade ticket will default to a standard $25 lot, with a 50%(!) stop, usually on x100 leverage. You will not want to enter your first trade this way . First thing will be to change the leverage to x1, then change your stop loss to $1 just to avoid any errors. The short video (n

How to use my Stock Pick List

I keep a running track of my breakout scan as a delicious bookmark list . You can take this list as a feed, directly follow it on delicious, or follow me on Twitter or Stocktwits  to get the stocks as they are posted. I also maintain a  tumblr  featuring some of the charts of stocks on the list. The list is a watchlist of opportunity for stocks making new highs on volume.  It's not meant as a direct 'buy' list, although some stocks may feature which offer low enough risk opportunity, to take the leap on the next open (at the right price).  I like to look back at stocks which triggered 2-3 weeks ago. I'm looking for stocks which have retained the bulk of their gains, but where the volatility has dropped - facilitating a low risk entry.  I also like stocks that don't violate the breakout gap (if any).  For example: If we take the stocks which featured between Nov 13th - 20th we have the following list: Nov 13 : M, PEGA, ELOS, TPH Nov 15 : GIB, C


I have this as a holding page until I figure out what to do. In the meantime, visit my blog at